Tobias de Jong

PhD candidate (Quantum Physics; Condensed Matter Physics)

Leiden, The Netherlands


  • Resistive evolution of toroidal field distributions and their relation to magnetic clouds
  • Intrinsic stacking domains in graphene on silicon carbide: A pathway for intercalation
  • Quantitative analysis of spectroscopic Low Energy Electron Microscopy data: High-dynamic range imaging, drift correction and cluster analysis
  • Observation of flat bands in twisted bilayer graphene
  • Measuring local moiré lattice heterogeneity of twisted bilayer graphene
  • TAdeJong/LEEM-analysis: LEEM-analysis
  • Imaging moiré deformation and dynamics in twisted bilayer graphene
  • Data underlying the paper: Intrinsic Stacking domains in graphene on silicon carbide: a pathway for intercalation
  • LEEM and the magic of twisted bilayer graphene
  • Using the scientific Python stack to analyze Low Energy Electron Microscopy data
  • Probing the nuclear spin-lattice relaxation time at the nanoscale
  • Measuring the local twist angle and layer arrangement in Van der Waals Heterostructures

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