Rolf Lortz

Professor (Physics; Condensed Matter Physics)

Hong Kong

Research interest My research interests are the thermal, electrical, magnetic, and spectroscopic properties of quantum materials. We are looking for materials with novel electronic properties in which we can study and manipulate quantum states by applying various control parameters, including high magnetic fields, high pressure, gate voltages, strain and proximity contacts. We are investigating their properties on bulk materials and then integrate them in low-dimensional 2D and 1D quantum devices. Our main focus is on topological superconductors that exhibit Majorana-fermionic states. These states are of great interest for future developments of fault-tolerant topological qubits in quantum computing. I am an experimentalist dedicated to the development of sophisticated experimental tools, all specifically tailored to the requirements of different applications. Biography Rolf W. Lortz is an experimental hard condensed matter physicist. He graduated with a diploma in physics from t

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