• Comfort and pressure distribution in a human contour shaped aircraft seat (developed with 3D scans of the human body)
  • Towards comfortable communication in future vehicles
  • Neck posture and muscle activity in a reclined business class aircraft seat watching IFE with and without head support
  • Future vehicles: the effect of seat configuration on posture and quality of conversation
  • Implementing spring-foam technology to design a lightweight and comfortable aircraft seat-pan
  • Designing aircraft seats to fit the human body contour
  • Human behaviour should be recorded in (dis)comfort research
  • Flat cushion vs Shaped cushion: comparison in terms of pressure distribution and postural perceived discomfort
  • Sleep quality and (dis)comfort in minimal space envelope
  • Human Factors en octrooien retainment assembly
  • Sleeping postures in adults: a literature review
  • Het tijdschrift nu en in de toekomst
  • Dense 3D pressure discomfort threshold (PDT) map of the human head, face and neck: A new method for mapping human sensitivity

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