Mario Lodari


  • Effect of Quantum Hall Edge Strips on Valley Splitting in Silicon Quantum Wells
  • Engineering of the spin on dopant process on silicon on insulator substrate
  • Vanishing Zeeman energy in a two-dimensional hole gas
  • Low percolation density and charge noise with holes in germanium
  • Quantum dot arrays in silicon and germanium
  • Solid-state dewetting of single-crystal silicon on insulator: effect of annealing temperature and patch size
  • Complex dewetting scenarios of ultrathin silicon films for large-scale nanoarchitectures
  • Plasmon-enhanced Ge-based metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector at near-IR wavelengths
  • Local uniaxial tensile strain in germanium of up to 4% induced by SiGe epitaxial nanostructures
  • Micro and nanofabrication of SiGe/Ge bridges and membranes by wet-anisotropic etching
  • Templated dewetting of single-crystal sub-millimeter-long nanowires and on-chip silicon circuits
  • Strain in Si or Ge from the edge forces of epitaxial nanostructures
  • Tensile strain in Ge membranes induced by SiGe nanostressors
  • Nuclear emulsions for the detection of micrometric-scale fringe patterns: An application to positron interferometry
  • Top-down SiGe nanostructures on Ge membranes realized by e-beam lithography and wet etching
  • Ballistic superconductivity and tunable π–junctions in InSb quantum wells
  • Light effective hole mass in undoped Ge/SiGe quantum wells
  • Shallow and Undoped Germanium Quantum Wells: A Playground for Spin and Hybrid Quantum Technology
  • Metastability and relaxation in tensile SiGe on Ge(001) virtual substrates
  • Lightly strained germanium quantum wells with hole mobility exceeding one million
  • Valley Splitting in Silicon from the Interference Pattern of Quantum Oscillations
  • Wafer-scale low-disorder 2DEG in 28Si/SiGe without an epitaxial Si cap

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