• Stability and Control of a Metal Oxide Gas Sensor in Air Flow
  • MEMS devices utilizing a thick metal layer of an interconnect metal film stack
  • Gas chemical sensitivity of a CMOS MEMS cantilever functionalized via evaporation driven assembly
  • Dielectric charging effects in electrostatically actuated CMOS MEMS resonators
  • A Model to Guide Template-Based Nanoparticle Printing Development
  • Functionalized micromolded nanoparticles towards gas sensor arrays
  • Sensor selection for outdoor air quality monitoring
  • A test structure to inform the effects of dielectric charging on CMOS MEMS inertial sensors
  • A Frenkel-Poole model of dielectric charging in CMOS MEMS
  • Mechanical Isolation and Temperature Compensation in Soft Elastomer Components
  • Lifetime of Liquid Metal Wires for Stretchable Devices
  • Electronics-free soft robot has a nice ring to it
  • Reconfigurable Soft Capacitive Sensor with Variable Stiffness Ring
  • Analysis of DefeXtiles: a 3D printed textile towards garments and accessories
  • Ultra-sensitive and resilient compliant strain gauges for soft machines
  • Micro Printing Using Microfluidics for Printed Biodegradable Devices in Trillion Sensing

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