Hugo Veldhuizen


Delft, The Netherlands


  • Synthesis, characterization, and CO 2 uptake of mellitic triimide‐based covalent organic frameworks
  • Charge‐Transfer‐Complexed Conjugated Microporous Polymers (CT‐CMPs)
  • Synthesis and Structure–Property Relationships of Polyimide Covalent Organic Frameworks for Carbon Dioxide Capture and (Aqueous) Sodium-Ion Batteries
  • Layer-by-Layer Electrode Fabrication for Improved Performance of Porous Polyimide-Based Supercapacitors
  • Impact of flow-induced disturbances during synthesis on the photophysical properties of naphthalene diimide covalent organic frameworks

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Monique van der Veen

Monique van der Veen

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