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SDA Thermo-Elastic Python Scripts, underlying the master thesis: Thermo-Elastic Analysis of a Spiral Dish Antenna Reflector In Space.

posted on 06.09.2022, 13:00 authored by Nathan van der WielenNathan van der Wielen

These scripts were used for Nathan van der Wielen's Master thesis for the thermo-elastic study of a novel spiral dish antenna (SDA) reflector. The following scripts are used with ESATAN-TMS, Abaqus, and a Python IDE.

Base Reflector Thermo-Elastic Analysis.py - reads .csv data of heat flux, surface area and time from 7 different ESATAN output files for all LPM nodes, builds a normal reflector model in Abaqus, assignes the heat fluxes to the correct surfaces, performs a thermo-elastic analysis, and outputs a thermal and deflection csv file.

Spiral Dish Antenna Reflector Thermo-Elastic Analysis.py - same as the previous python script but for an SDA reflector.

SDA and Reflector Thermo-Elastic Analysis Result Study.py - Reads the output files from the different scripts for the different cases, calculates, and output results/plots comparing different cases.





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