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Data and software supporting the publication "Telecom-band quantum interference of frequency-converted photons from remote detuned NV centers"

posted on 23.06.2022, 08:39 authored by Arian StolkArian Stolk, Marie-Christine Roehsner, K.L. (Kian) Van der Enden, Ronald Hanson

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TPQI_Data_Processing.ipynb: This is the notebook that generates the main figures from the paper. It defines functions that are used for the analysis, loads the data, processes and visualizes it. It also performs Monte-Carlo simulations to estimate errorbars on the data in Figure 4.

the *.dat files are the raw data files, where the colums are quantities measured in a 1D sweep. The files *_metadata.txt give the header for the datafiles, which shows the unit of the quantities measured. It also contains values of various other settings during the experiment.

The *.npz are numpy arrays the result of analyzing large .hdf5 files containing time-tags of single-photon and marker events in our time-taggers. These are then used as further input to the generation of the figures, where they are shown in histograms across various time axes.

Further information on the acquisition and the processing of the data can be found in the supplementary of the paper.





numpy arrays, hdf5 files, txt files, ipython notebook


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