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Timeseries data of a drive cycle aging test of 28 high energy NCA/C+Si round cells of type 18650

posted on 26.03.2021, 08:27 authored by Dominik JöstDominik Jöst, Florian RingbeckFlorian Ringbeck, Alexander BlömekeAlexander Blömeke, D.U. (Dirk Uwe) Sauer
This dataset contains timeseries data (time, current, voltage, temperature) of a drive cycle aging test of 28 18650 high energy NCA/C+Si round cells. The aging test was conducted with all cells at the same aging condition at room temperature. The cells were cycled individually but with the same profile. They were charged with a CCCV regime and discharged using a recorded drive cycle profile. Regular check-ups every 30 cycles are also included in the data.


Electric Vehicle Enhanced Range, Lifetime And Safety Through INGenious battery management

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Aachen, Germany


The dataset consists of 4 files. The file contains ZIP files with individual .csv files with the time series data for every tested cell. The file contains .png files giving an overview of the test data for every tested cell. The file Metadata.pdf contains information about the test setup, data and license. The file PreviewFiguresDocument.pdf contains the overview figures of all cells in one document.


RWTH Aachen University