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Supporting data for Entanglement between a Diamond Spin Qubit and a Photonic Time-Bin Qubit at Telecom Wavelength

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posted on 30.04.2020, 00:00 authored by A. (Anna) Tchebotareva, Sophie HermansSophie Hermans, R. (Ronald) Hanson
We report on the realization and verification of quantum entanglement between a nitrogen-vacancy electron spin qubit and a telecom-band photonic qubit. First we generate entanglement between the spin qubit and a 637 nm photonic time-bin qubit, followed by photonic quantum frequency conversion that transfers the entanglement to a 1588 nm photon. We characterize the resulting state by correlation measurements in different bases and find a lower bound to the Bell state fidelity of ≥0.77±0.03. This result presents an important step towards extending quantum networks via optical fiber infrastructure.



CNRS, France; Cheng L.K. (Lun); Dijkhuizen, N. (Niels); Dréau, A.E. (Anaïs); Harmsma, P.J. (Peter); Humphreys, P.C. (Peter); Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology; Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, Université de Montpellier; Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), Delft; QuTech, Delft University of Technology; Verlaan, A. L. (Ad); Voigt, D. (Dirk); de Jong, W. (Wim)


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