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Research Data attitudes of recently graduated master students (interview notes and code)

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posted on 12.05.2020, 00:00 by Daen SmitsDaen Smits
This document contains additional information on the study and the full interview data of the 16 recently graduated master students. The students were asked, in the 11 questions lined out below, how they perceive research data management. The questions are grouped together and the numbers in the first column indicate the participant number. The original data has not been modified since the interview itself, so it contains the original notes as written down during the interviews. This means that some sentences do not read as good as after a language check, but it ensures that the reader can easily follow the original line of the interviews and the original notes that led to the report. Next to the original notes including the open and axial coding (table 4), this document also contains the participant’s study and university backgrounds (table 1), an extensive overview of the codes applied to the raw interview data (table 2), and a full list of quotes used in the paper (table 3).



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