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Questionnaire responses to research on Resilience and Quality of Life among Emerging Adults: The Role of Personality

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posted on 01.04.2020, 00:00 authored by Arushi MalikArushi Malik
Understanding the role of personality factors and resilience as contributing to quality of life (QoL) among emerging adults may help improve the overall life quality of these individuals. The objective of this study was to describe QoL, resilience and personality factors in healthy emerging adults and understand how personality factors play a role. Data was collected via 300 emerging adults in India using a demographic questionnaire, World health organization quality of life-BREF Scale, Bharathiar University Resilience Scale (BURS) and NEO-FFI. Pearson’s correlation, multiple regressions, and t-test were conducted. Results found that quality of life was significantly correlated to resilience and personality factors. Resilience, Agreeableness, Openness, Neuroticism, Extraversion, Conscientiousness accounted for 56.6% variation in QoL. Gender differences were found in neuroticism, agreeableness and Qol. The implication of the present study will help clinicians and counsellors to develop adequate plans to help improve QoL of individuals and plan treatments depending upon personality factors.



CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, India


4TU.Centre for Research Data


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