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Post-flood field survey of the Ahr Valley (Germany)

posted on 07.03.2022, 12:44 authored by Paul Korswagen EgurenPaul Korswagen Eguren, Selvam Harish, Jan Oetjen, Davide WüthrichDavide Wüthrich
This repository contains Metadata associated with the report "Post-flood field survey of the Ahr Valley (Germany) - Building damages and hydraulic aspects" by P. Korswagen, S. Harish, J. Oetjen and D. Wüthrich (DOI: 10.4233/uuid:3cafd772-facd-4e3a-8b1a-cee978562ff1)


1. Geo-referenced pictures collected during a field survey of the Ahr Valley (Germany) on August 17-19th 2021.

Photos have been arranged based on the town were they were taken. Eight locations have been selected: Dernau, Rech, Mayschoß, Altenahr, Kreuzberg & Altenburg, Brück, Insul, Schuld. Pictures are named starting with the first letter of each location.

Photos have been categorised into three groups:
W : photos showing a watermark on a façade,
H : photos identifying building damage, and
M : other miscellaneous images.
These characters are placed second in the picture file names.

Photos are numbered continuously for every location (01 to 99); this means that sequential photos were taken close to each other in space. For every location, case studies of building damage (H photos) are further grouped together with an identifying character behind an underscore space (_).

e.g. 'DH01_A.jpg' contains a photo taken in Dernau (D), showing building damage (H) and belonging to case study A.

2. Georeferenced water-levels measured at multiple locations in the Ahr valley, presented in the file Waterlevels_Data.xlsx




Time coverage

August 17-19th 2021


Ahr Valley (Germany)


1. Zipped pictures files (.jpg). 2. MATLAB files (.mat) containing pictures details and GPS data. 3. Worksheets with photo details and water-levels (.xls).


Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Hydraulic Engineering; RWTH Aachen University