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Natechs caused by Hurricane Harvey (2017)

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posted on 24.04.2019, 00:00 authored by R. (Rongshui) Qin, Nima KhakzadNima Khakzad, P. (Pieter) van Gelder
Technological accidents which are triggered by natural hazards are known as Natechs. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey caused damage to chemical and process facilities, resulting in massive release of hazardous chemicals (toxic, flammable, explosive). The damage was inflicted due to a combination of flooding, rainfall, and strong wind during the hurricane. We have developed a database of 45 Natechs mainly using official accidents databases and media reports. The database contains: (i) the name and type of affected facilities, (ii) geographical coordinates of the facilities, (iii) type of damaged equipment, and (iv) the hurricane's characteristics such as flood depth, maximum rainfall, and wind speed at the location of affected facilities.



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