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Measuring fast-temporal sediment fluxes with an analogue acoustic sensor: a wind tunnel study

posted on 16.07.2013, 00:00 by Ate Poortinga, Jan Van Minnen, M.J.P.M. (Michel) Riksen, Manuel Seeger
Research objective In this study, we test two passive traps (BEST sampler and MWAC sampler) and one acoustic device (saltiphone) in an aeolian sand wind tunnel to investigate how the experimental setup and the subsequent data processing affect the quantification of the aeolian sand flux. Type of research: Empirical research Method of data collection: Wind tunnel experiments Data comprises: - Wind velocity - Mass transport per height for different samplers - Analogue output of Saltiphone - Mass measured by balance



Wageningen University


Wageningen University


Windtunnel in Ghent,


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