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Matlab fig files for paper Analysis of Particle-Resolved CFD Results for Dispersion in Packed Beds

posted on 13.06.2022, 07:02 authored by P. Lovreglio, Kay Buist, J.A.M. Kuipers, Frank PetersFrank Peters

This is a dataset consisting of Matlab .fig files corresponding to the figures in the paper 'Analysis of Particle-Resolved CFD Results for Dispersion in Packed Beds' published in the MDPI journal fluids. In this paper dispersion of an inert tracer injected in a slender packed bed is investigated by means of particle-resolved CFD simulations. Three figures show post-processed full-field data of porosity, velocity and concentration fields. Longitudinal dispersion is characterized using cummulant residence time distributions for different axial positions. This data is used to compute axial dispersion coefficients. From the spread in the radial direction as function of the axial position, transverse dispersion is obtained. The .fig files can be used to make high quality plots but also contain the data.


NWO MCEC gravitation program





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TU Eindhoven, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry