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Look-up table based on SPaQ measurements to quantify amount of iron in small samples

posted on 22.07.2021, 12:53 authored by Lennert MolenaarLennert Molenaar
Dataset for creating a look-up table to estimate amount of magnetic tracer (ug) based on their magnetic signal (uV).

Also included a README file for 'SPaQ measurements sample series'. Please read before using the data in the .CSV file.

The data was acquired with the SPaQ (DOI: doi.org/10.1063/1.5039150). The measured magnetic tracers are Sienna+ and Magtrace, both SPIONs. Currently, Magtrace is permitted to be used in human patients for the sentinel lymph node procedure. This look-up table can be used to (accurately) estimate the amount of iron inside a lymph node when measured with the SPaQ.


Magnetic Sensing for Laparoscopy (MagLap)

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

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University of Twente, Magnetic Detection & Imaging (MD&I) Group