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Long chain diols from four Arabian Sea sediment cores, data from 4 different expeditions

posted on 16.11.2021, 15:05 authored by Zeynep ErdemZeynep Erdem, Jullie Lattaud, Marit M. van Erk, Gert-Jan ReichartGert-Jan Reichart, Andreas Lückge, Jaap S. Sinninghe Damsté, Stefan Schouten
Here, we present results from four different marine archives from the western and northern Arabian Sea. They were collected from different areas during different expeditions; SO42-74KL (in 1986; Kasten core) and NIOP905 (in 1993; piston core) from the western Arabian Sea, Oman - Somali upwelling zone; SO130-289KL (in 1998; Kasten core) and PASOM3 (in 2009; gravity core) from the northern Arabian Sea. This dataset presents core depths (in cm), corresponding calibrated ages expressed as cal kyr BP, long-chain diols fractional abundances, and related indices such as long-chain diol index (LDI) as Diol upwelling index (DI). The data covers the last 25 kyr BP.


ERC Diols 339206

Long chain diols as novel organic proxies for paleoclimate reconstructions

European Research Council

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Time coverage

the last 25 kyrs and 35 kyrs


Arabian Sea




NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Department Microbiology & Biogeochemistry