Interviews about the educational exercise tinkering with technology

Reason: In the ethics agreement, we promised to make the interviews not accessible by default, so that our respondents (who are students) could not be identified. Due to the very specific questions about the class in which they participated, these students could be identified. We also promised to allow access to this data only to researchers working on the same topics, and who will motivate their request. The request for access needs to be endorsed by the Ethics or Legal department of the university for those making the request. The researchers requesting access need to comply with the confidentiality agreement and with GDPR. We will review these requests and decide on a case by case basis.

Interviews about the educational exercise tinkering with technology

posted on 14.06.2022, 10:21 authored by Trijsje Franssen

Three interviews with students who participated in a class on ethics of technology using a novel experimental method, the tinkering exercise. We asked the students about their impressions of the exercise, what worked and what didn't. We subsequently used these interviews in a publication (still under peer review) to conclude about the exercise. 


Ethics COMET RE-LAUNCH Projectcode: TBM_ERE_2021_02_4TU.CEE.TUD




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November 2021


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TU Delft, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Department of Values, Technology and Innovation.