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Industrial anode baking furnace model geometry. The geometry represents the dimensions of the furnace. The numerical simulations of the anode baking furnace can be performed with the given geometry.

posted on 2021-01-12, 07:26 authored by Prajakta NakatePrajakta Nakate, Domenico Lahaye, Cornelis vuik, marco talice
Anode baking furnace is important process in the extraction of aluminium from its ore. The modeling of the anode baking furnace is necessary to lower emissions from the furnace, to optimise energy consumption and to improve the quality of anodes used in the extraction process of aluminium. The provided file is the 3D geometry of one of the sections of anode baking furnace. Using this geoemtry, numerical simulations can be performed to optimse the process. The geometry is provided in the stl format. The burner is simplified to a simple pipe.
The mesh in the Nastran format is also uploaded for the corresponding geometry.





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