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Forces and modi operandi of 181 music festival (Lowlands 2016) visitors smothering a dummy with a pillow

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posted on 09.09.2020 by Arjo J. Loeve, D. Prinsen, A.P. (Arjan) Van Dijke, T. (Tim) Horeman-Franse, N.J.P. (Nick) Van de Berg
The aim of this study was to explore what modi operandi, postures and forces are used by volunteers mimicking smothering and how these aspects relate to volunteers’ characteristics, such as age, build, and drug and alcohol intake in the past 24 hours. A total of 181 visitors of a music festival were asked to smother a dummy with a pillow. Each participant provided their age, gender, dominant hand, length, weight, alcohol use (last 24 hours) and drug use (last 24 hours) in a questionnaire. Forces applied by the participant on the dummy head with the pillow were continuously measured and the smothering modus operandi (described by aspects such as the placement of the hands, feet and body weight) was obtained from video recordings. The code used for data collection has been added to the published data to support understanding of the data. The video recordings of the participants smothering the dummy have not been published, as this may violate the condition that all data would be published anonymously.



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