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Fatigue Crack Growth in FM 94 Epoxy at 80 degrees Celsius

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posted on 14.06.2016, 00:00 authored by John-Alan PascoeJohn-Alan Pascoe
This dataset contains data collected during fatigue crack growth experiments on double cantilever beam specimens consisting of two aluminium 2024-T3 arms bonded with FM94 epoxy. The tests were conducted inside a climate chamber at 80 degrees Celsius. Included data are raw data: crack length, force, and displacement measurements, as well as processed data such as strain energy release rates and energy dissipation per cycle.



Alderliesten, R.C. (René) [orcid:0000-0003-1882-5396]; Benedictus, R. (Rinze) [orcid:0000-0003-3219-3161]; TU Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Structural Integrity & Composites Group


TU Delft


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