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Experimental data for the fluid-structure interaction between a double pendulum with a friction hinge and focused waves

posted on 10.02.2022, 13:21 by Peter WellensPeter Wellens, Renée van Zanten
This is a dataset from an experiment conducted in the small towing tank of the Ship Hydromechanics Laboratory of Delft University of Technology. The internal project number is 202011. The project leader is Peter Wellens (p.r.wellens@tudelft.nl).

A double pendulum with a friction hinge as the bottom hinge was subjected to a focused wave. Three different lengths of the pendulum were investigated and three different values for the focus location of the wave were adopted.

The wave height at three locations, both angles of the pendulum, accelerations of both parts of the pendulum and the torque in the bottom hinge of the pendulum were measured. Videos were taken from the focused wave impacting on the bottom part of the pendulum. Photos and videos can be found in Photos.rar and Videos.rar.

The main intention of the experiment was to investigate the influence of plasticity on the behaviour of the pendulum.





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TU Delft, Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Department of Maritime and Transport Technology