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Data underlying the research on particle manipulation using hydrodynamic forcing. This dataset consist of the experimental data of a single particle trapping in a Hele-Shaw cell.

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posted on 2022-04-12, 08:54 authored by Ankur KislayaAnkur Kislaya

The reseach objective is to present a microfluidic approach to achieve the dynamic control of particle pathlines within a flow through microfluidic device. Our approach combines three key aspects: the design of a flow-through microfluidic flow cell with the ability to manipulate the streamlines of the flow, an optimization procedure to find a priori optimal particle path-lines, and a Proportion-Integral-Derivative-based (PID) feedback controller to provide real time control over the particle manipulations. The experimental raw images were recorded with a sCMOS camera (PCO) with a pixel pitch of 6.5 μm. The camera was mounted on a microscope (Nikon Eclipse Ti) with a 1x objective. The acquisition frequency was 5 Hz corresponding to an average in-plane displacement of 4-6 pixels between two consecutive recordings. The zip file contains the raw images and the MATLAB script used to do an experiment of arbitarily selecting a particle and trapping it by only using the hydrodynamic forcing in a Hele-Shaw cell.  





The zip file contains .tiff image files and .m MATLAB codes


TU Delft, Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering-3mE, Department of Process & Energy, Laboratory for Aero and Hydrodynamics