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Data underlying the research of OperationAIR, hardware and software design.

posted on 26.03.2021, 13:12 by Luuk Altenberg, Reinier Van Antwerpen, Marten Arthers, Judith van der Bie, Brenda Boekhoud, Thomas de Boer, Roel Bos, Sanne Buisman, Frederic Cruesen, Tom Dijkhuis, Josephine Dumas, Joep Eijkenduijn, Tomas Gast, Fleur de Geer, Imke Gevers, Daniël van Hanswijk, Jaap Harlaar, Floor Hiemstra, Willian Hogendoorn, Ingmar Jager, Guusje Jans, Berend de Jong, Tanja van Kempen, Tom Kerssemakers, Laura Ligthart, Derek van Loon, Marijn Mostert, Larissa Nagtegaal, Eva Negenman, Karin Olthof, Lucas Ottenheym, Rosemarijn van Paasen, Jet Peek, Mike de Pont, Karen Reinders, Jeroen Roest, Jim Smith, Bart Spel, Patrick Tang, Pieter Tolsma, Jules van der Toorn, Eris van Twist, Matthijs Verzijl, Hubald Verzijl, Jeffrey Visser, Jasper Wijkhuizen, Diede Wijnbergen, Jerown Willemse, Sjors de Wit, Max Ligtenberg, Tessa Kos, Suryansh SharmaSuryansh Sharma
OperationAIR is a student team of Delft University of Technology that developed a simplified ventilator: the AIRone. It was developed as a non-certified, advanced emergency ventilator at times of a national shortage due to the covid-19 pandemic, in close contact with experts from Leiden University Medical Center and Erasmus Medical Center. This repository contains the hardware and software design data that can be used to recreate the project. Further more, the various documents developed for the ventilator including the user manual, technical and design specifications and lessons learnt are also archived herewith. This resource intends to give other researchers a head start on their design process. The files give an insight in the process and can prevent you from repeating the same mistakes.





The dataset contains two g-zipped files doc/ and scr/ which contain the documentation and source files for the project respectively.


TU Delft, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics: Leiden University Medical Center; Erasmus Medical Center