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Data underlying the research of Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Sialic Acid Derivatives Using Immobilized N-Acetylneuraminate Lyase in a Continuous Flow Reactor

posted on 25.04.2019, 00:00 by Victor Bloemendal, S.J. (Sam) Moons, J.J.A. (Jurriaan) Hemming, M. (Mohamed) Chayoua, O. (Olaf) Niesink, Jan van Hest, T.J. (Thomas) Boltje, F.P.J.T. (Floris) Rutjes
NMR research data related to a continuous flow process involving N‐acetylneuraminate lyase (NAL) immobilized on Immobead 150P to prepare Neu5Ac derivatives. Batch experiments with Immobead‐NAL showed equal activity as the native enzyme. By using a fivefold excess of either N‐acetyl‐D‐mannosamine (ManNAc) or pyruvate the conversion and isolated yield of Neu5Ac were significantly improved. To further increase the efficiency of the process, a flow setup was designed providing a chemoenzymatic entry into a series of N‐functionalized Neu5Ac derivatives in conversions of 48‐82%, and showing excellent stability over 1 week of continuous use.



Eindhoven University of Technology; Radboud University Nijmegen


4TU.Centre for Research Data


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