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Data underlying the publication: Time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy in CO2 nanosecond pulsed discharges

posted on 25.07.2022, 10:43 authored by Antoine SaldenAntoine Salden, Luca Matteo Martini, Giorgio Dilecce, Paolo Tosi, Matteo Ceppelli

Data underlying graphs published in PSST: https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6595/ac2411, detailing optical emission spectroscopy in a nanosecond repetitvely pulsed discharge in atmospheric pressure CO2.

It details the complex temporal structure of the spectally resolved emission, which provides insight into gas temperature and electron density.

The dataset contains 4 folders which contain the data on:

  • I-V characteristics of the used NPG discharge
  • Optical emmission spectra at different delays in the discharge, along with time evolution of specific C(-ionic) lines
  • Time-resolved line profiles for specific O and C lines, for Stark width fitting, as well as associated fit parameter output and calculated electron densities.
  • Spectra of N2 second positive system, CN violet system and C2 Swan bands, along with time-resolved temperature profiles both for in-pulse and afterglow, obtained from the N2 SPS.

Readme files next to the data provide information the format of the data and what data is contained in the files, with respect to the publication.


Plasma catalysis for CO2 recycling and green chemistry

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7-zip archive containing ASCII data files along with more info in readme files


University of Trento, Department of Physics CNR Institute for Plasma Science and Technology Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Physics