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Data underlying the publication: Global Glacier Mass Loss During the GRACE Satellite Mission (2002-2016)

posted on 02.02.2021, 07:33 authored by Bert WoutersBert Wouters, Alex S. Gardner, Geir Moholdt
This collection contains mass changes for 17 glacier regions between 2002 and 2016 as time series and annual mass balances as published in:

Wouters B, Gardner AS and Moholdt G (2019) Global Glacier Mass Loss During the GRACE Satellite Mission (2002-2016). Front. Earth Sci. 7:96. doi: 10.3389/feart.2019.00096

*** Time serie files GRACE_no_GIA_err.zip (= time series with GIA correction applied and cumulative GIA uncertainties INCLUDED in total uncertainties) and GRACE_no_GIA_noerr.zip ( = time series with GIA correction applied but cumulative GIA uncertainties NOT INCLUDED in total uncertainties):

First column: files contain data (decimal years)
Second column: mass anomaly w.r.t. arbitrary reference [Gigatonnes]
Third column: uncertainty estimate [Gigatonnes]

*** The annual mass balance files contain mass change between Mar 31 and Apr 1 and Sep 30 - Oct 1, respectively, for the 17 RGI regions defined in our Frontiers paper. Two files are provided, as total mass balance and specific mass balance.


Disentangling ice loss of mountain glaciers and ice caps

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