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Data underlying the master thesis: Multiparty Computation. Identifying the Consumers' Willingness to Share Sensitive Automotive Data on MPC-enabled Data Marketplaces: A Discrete Choice Modelling Approach

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The main raw dataset within the .RAR-file contains stated choice data from consumers about MPC-enabled data marketplaces. This dataset may be used to determine the consumers' willingness to contribute automotive (GPS) data on MPC-enabled data marketplaces. Van Aalst (2021, ch. 7) draws conclusions and recommendations for future research.

Furthermore, read the README.txt file very carefully to see in which way you can use these data in Discrete Choice Modeling (DCM) in Rstudio to retrieve the data-sharing factor estimates. These data can be utilized in predicting consumers' willingness to share automotive GPS data in similar data marketplaces.




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Filetypes: .csv raw data .tsv stated choice design format .dat cleaned and formatted input data for DCM models .IPYNB python notebooks to clean the data .R estimation models .csv output data .sav demographics analyses .png visualisations


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