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Data to produce the results of the publication: “Reducing the Soleus Stretch Reflex with Conditioning: Exploring Game- and Impedance-based Biofeedback”

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posted on 10.09.2021, 12:36 authored by Ronald van 't VeldRonald van 't Veld
The work presents the exploration of the feasibility of two forms of biofeedback to obtain a within-session reduction of the Soleus stretch reflex with conditioning. First, we explored the feasibility of gamification and second, the feasibility of combined game- and impedance-based biofeedback.

In short, we showed feasibility of EMG-, game-based biofeedback within the operant conditioning paradigm, which calls for further research on gamification of conditioning paradigms to obtain improved participant motivation and engagement, while achieving long-term conditioning effects. Contrarily, the use of impedance-, game-based biofeedback did not result in a feasible conditioning paradigm, thus the time-intensiveness and slow learning curve of the conditioning paradigm remain an open challenge.





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Department of Biomechanical Engineering, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands