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Data presented in the paper: Salt marsh establishment in poorly consolidated muddy systems: effects of surface drainage, elevation and plant age

posted on 22.07.2021, 12:32 authored by Haobing CaoHaobing Cao

This data set contains the survival of Spartina anglica seedlings (with different ages), the survival, shoot numbers, plant height and biomass of S. anglica tussocks of a field mega-marsh organ marsh experiment that been carried out in Perkpolder, the Netherlands in 2016 and 2018. This study investigated the impact of surface drainage and elevation relative to mean sea-level on i) the survival of S. anglica seedlings from three different age classes: 1-year, 3-month and 1-week; and ii) the growth performance of mature S. anglica marsh tussocks.





Perkpolder, Zeeland, The Netherlands


NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research, Department of Estuarine and Delta Systems