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Data presented in the paper “High-resolution underway measurements of phytoplankton photosynthesis and abundance as innovative addition to water quality monitoring programs”

posted on 27.09.2019, 00:00 by H.M. (Hedy) Aardema, M. (Machteld) Rijkeboer, A. (Alain) Lefebvre, A. (Arnold) Veen, J.C. (Jacco) Kromkamp
This dataset consists of data collected using an underway Ferrybox and two innovative high-resolution methods for monitoring phytoplankton dynamics: fast repetition rate fluorometry for information on phytoplankton photosynthesis and productivity (FRRf) and automated scanning flow cytometry for information on phytoplankton abundance and community composition (FCM). This set-up was measuring semi-continuously during four cruises on the Dutch North Sea in April, May, June, and August 2017. These measurements allow for the quantification of temporal and mesoscale spatial patterns in phytoplankton abundance, photophysiology, and an estimate of gross primary production. In addition, low-resolution data of the existing monitoring programis added to the dataset (Chlorophyll a and nutrient concentrations and light extinction in the water column) .


This research has been supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, 654410



Department of Climate Geochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Hahn-Meitner-Weg 1, 55128 Mainz, Germany; Ifremer, Laboratoire Environnement et Ressources, BP 699, 62321 Boulogne sur Mer, France; Laboratory for Hydrobiological Analysis, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), Zuiderwagenplein 2, 8224 AD Lelystad, the Netherlands; NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Department of Estuarine and Delta Systems, and Utrecht University


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