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Data from observations of the role of water hyacinths in macroplastic transport and accumulation

posted on 12.01.2021, 08:45 by Tim van EmmerikTim van Emmerik, Thuy-Chung Kieu-Le, Thanh Luan Nguyen, Anh Phung Ngoc, Louise SchreyersLouise Schreyers
This dataset presents the observations from a monitoring campaign conducted at Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam, in April-June 2020. The campaign focused on the Saigon river and aimed at quantifying the role of water hyacinths in macroplastic transport and accumulation. The first sheet pertains to the visual counting of floating macroplastic items from the Thu Thiem bridge at HCMC. It details the number of macroplastic items counted within water hyacinths (entangled) and outside (free-floating). The second and third sheet present the results from aerial surveys conducted on 23 May 2020 with a UAV. The second sheet details all floating macroplastic items identified through manual labelling on the drone imagery and provides information on their size and polymer composition The third sheet presents the results from the identification of floating vegetation (water hyacinths) through color segmentation and their areas.


NWO Open Mind Grant 18127




Time coverage

April-June 2020


Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City




Wageningen University and Research, Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group