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Data accompanying the research on Effect of resveratrol on intestinal tight junction proteins and the gut microbiome in high-fat diet-fed insulin resistant mice

posted on 06.02.2020, 00:00 by Kaiting Chen
High-fat diet (HFD)-feeding induces changes in the microbiome and increases intestinal permeability by impairing tight junction (TJ) protein function, which may explain the insulin resistance (IR) and associated pathologies. We aimed to determine the effects of resveratrol (RES) on the gut microbiome and intestinal TJ proteins. Results showed that RES administration improved the lipid profile, and ameliorated the endotoxemia, inflammation, intestinal barrier defect and glucose intolerance in the HFD-fed mice. Furthermore, it modified the gut microbial composition, reducing the proportion of Firmicutes and the Firmicutes-to-Bacteroidetes ratio. Moreover, Verrucomicrobia and Akkermansia were much more abundant in the HFD+RES group. RES also significantly reduced the abundance of Bilophila and Ruminococcus. These findings suggest that RES may be useful for the treatment of IR and associated metabolic diseases.



Hebei General Hospital, Department of Endocrinology; Hebei Medical University, Department of Internal Medicine; Lu, C. (Caiping); Shu, L. (Linyi); Song, G. (Guangyao); The First Hospital of Shijiazhuang, Department of Endocrinology; Wang, C. (Chao); Xing, H. (Hanying); Zhao, H. (Hang)


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