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Data accompanied to the paper: Modular Transformation of Java Exceptions Modulo Errors

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This package accompanies the paper "Modular Transformation of Java Exceptions Modulo Errors" for submission to FMICS 2021.

## Formats

The executable parts of the package are only meant to be used on Linux. The data parts are readable on any OS with a text viewer like notepad, textedit, or vim/emacs. The tables are in .ods format and hence are viewable with any spreadsheet program, such as openoffice, libreoffice, or microsoft office.

## Contents

- categoryTable.ods: A table containing an overview of several works categorizing patterns of exceptions. Contains the patterns of exceptions per paper, and an aggregated table where all categories are combined into common categories.
- evaluation: Contains all examples used to evaluate the implementation. Each example is based on a pattern in the category table.
- jstar: Contains a test setup for jStar and two test programs to test jStar. Instructions for running the test setup are included in the folder.
- krakatoa: Contains a test setup for Krakatoa and a test program to show that Krakatoa has no support for finally. Instructions for running the test setup are included in the folder.
- A readme with instructions.
- vercors-1.4.0-SNAPSHOT: A build of vercors of the primary development branch "dev", which includes the latest fixes needed to verify the examples in the evaluation folder. It can be run using the run script in vercors-1.4.0-SNAPSHOT, or through the script in evaluation. Java 11 is required to be installed for vercors to run.

## Questions

For questions about this package, please visit and get in touch with us.







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