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Data, Scripts & Model underlying the publication: Early indicators of tidal ecosystem shifts are robust across estuaries

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posted on 2023-01-11, 11:51 authored by G.S. (Gregory) FivashG.S. (Gregory) Fivash, S. (Stijn) Temmerman, Maike Heuner, M.G. Kleinhans, T. (Tjisse) van der Heide, T.J. (Tjeerd) Bouma


Data & Scripts featured in the currently unpublished manuscript (as of 22-12-2022) Fivash et al. 2023: 'Early geomorphic indicators of tidal ecosystem shifts are robust across estuaries'. This study explores the role of micro-topographic patterns on tidal flats as indicators of imminent marsh establishment in three European estuaries, through geospatial analysis and simple numerical modeling. These files include the data and scripts used to create each figure in the manuscript.





Datasets include: Polygon masks (.shp), rasters (.tif), & water level time series (.csv, .txt) Scripts are written in R (.r) & Python (.py): Figures include final (.tif) and layered (.clip) files See readme for full details.


NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Department of Estuarine and Delta Systems