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DEM simulation data containing micro- and macro-scale quantities of granular materials under triaxial compression

posted on 23.09.2021, 12:06 authored by Hongyang ChengHongyang Cheng
The database contains the micro scale (raw) simulation data and the postprocessed data at the macro scale. Each dataset is created by a different set of parameter that corresponds to a certain type of soil. Note, only drained triaxial stress paths, starting from an initial void ratio of 0.68 are considered here. The dataset can be recreated using the open-source software Yade (Release version: 2020.01a). The source code that executes the simulation can be found at github.com/chyalexcheng/grainLearning. The database can be used by GrainLearning to find the first estimate of probability distribution of DEM model parameters for calibration and optimization purposes. The micro- and macro-scale data is intended to build data-driven micro-macro transition laws.





Raw data (micro-scale) in .yade.gz format Processed data (macro-scale) in .npy format


University of Twente, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Civil Engineering