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posted on 02.09.2020, 12:20 by J. (Jakub) Berka, J. (Jan) Balata, C.M. (Catholijn) Jonker, Z. (Zdenek) Mikovec, M.B. (Birna) van Riemsdijk, Myrthe Tielman
This dataset contains data from two studies, in which complex user-model elicitation via conversational agents is studied. Specifically, one file details the comments participants gave about where misalignment between them and the agent occurred, and the other file contains details on the resulting user models. The studies are described in the paper: Misalignment in user model elicitation via conversational agents: A case study in navigation support for visually impaired people


This work is part of the research programme CoreSAEP, with projectnumber 639.022.416, which is financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Re-search (NWO). This research has been supported by projects Navigation of handicappedpeople funded by grant no.SGS19/178/OHK3/3T/13 and Research Center for Informatics (reg. n. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16019/0000765).





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