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ABC-Salt WP 3.2 Data underlying the publication: Hydrolysis of eutectic compositions in the ZnCl2:KCl:NaCl ternary system and effect of adding ZnO

posted on 30.11.2020, 12:23 authored by Espen Olsen, Heidi S. Nygård, Sepideh NiaziSepideh Niazi
The objective of this work is to investigate the properties of the eutectic mixtures of ZnCl2:KCl:NaCl that are of importance for thermochemical conversion of biomass. Four compositions of ZnCl2:KCl:NaCl are investigated, including Salt #1: 60: 20: 20, Salt #2: 59.5: 21.9: 18.6, Salt #3: 52.9: 33.7: 13.4 and Salt #4: 44.3: 41.9:13.8 in mole fraction. Salt #4 is found to exhibit the best properties, with low melting point, the highest thermal stability and the lowest hydrolysis rate. Salt #1 had the highest hydrolysis rate. However, addition of ZnO showed a marked, limiting effect on the hydrolysis


Advanced Biomass Catalytic Conversion to Middle Distillates in Molten Salts

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