DatasetRailway Quasi-Statics: RQS 0.1

?titleRailway Quasi-Statics: RQS 0.1
?creatororcidBurgelman, N. (Nico)
?contributorDelft University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Railway Engineering
?date accepted2016-09-29
?date created2016
?date published2016
RQS is a code of the Quasi Static Calculation of a train running over a given track with a given speed profile. It estimates the derailment risk of a braking train in curves and turnouts. A complete discussion of the application of the code results and conclusions are provided in an accompanying article.
?publisherTU Delft
?subjectBraking train ● Derailment risk estimation ● Quasi-statics ● Railway Vehicles ● Track interactions ● Vehicle dynamics simulation ● Wheel-rail rolling contact
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?other versionnew
?related publicationnew windowFast estimation of the derailment risk of a braking train in curves and turnouts (article, 2016)
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contents of this dataset:
RQS Build 0_1/RQS_0_1.fig
RQS Build 0_1/RQS_0_1.m
RQS Build 0_1/RQS_calc.p
RQS Build 0_1/RQS_input.m
RQS Build 0_1/RQS_main.p
RQS Build 0_1/RQS_plots.p
RQS Build 0_1/example.mat
RQS Build 0_1/readme.txt
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