DatasetFracture patterns in the Jandeira Fm. (NE Brazil)

?titleFracture patterns in the Jandeira Fm. (NE Brazil)
?creatororcidBertotti, G. (Giovanni)
?contributororcidBisdom, K. (Kevin)
?date accepted2013
?date created2013-06-20
?date published2013
High-resolution (1cm/px) imagery of outcropping pavements of the Jandeira carbonates in Rio Grande Do Norte (NE Brazil), with the interpretation of the fracture patterns in the pavements. Data collected using the GeoBee drone.
?publisherTU Delft
?subjectcarbonates ● fracture patterns ● outcrop analogues ● pavements ● structural geology
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?spatial coverage
?map-logomapMap [kml]
?time coverage
?related publicationnew windowProjection-based Embedded Discrete Fracture Model (pEDFM), (article, 2017)
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