DatasetMeasurements in a Carousel (metingen in een carrousel)

?titleMeasurements in a Carousel (metingen in een carrousel)
?creatorBooij, R. (Rob)
?creatorMelis, L.M.N.
?date accepted2014
?date created1995-08-01
?date published1994
This dataset essentially describes of the measurements in the carousel of the laboratory for Fluid Mechanics of the Delft University of Technology.
A comprehensive documentation about the considered investigation, both concerning the theoretical background and concerning the elaboration of the experimental evidence can be found in: Booij, R., (1994), "Measurements of the flow field in a rotating annular flume ", Communications on Hydraulic and Geotechnical Engineering, report no. 94-2, (
The background report is in Dutch with extensive English explanation
?publisherTU Delft, Department Hydraulic Engineering
?subjectannular flume ● carousel flow ● flow
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?related publicationnew windowMeasurements in a Carousel (Metingen in een Carrousel): [report, Booij, R.; Melis, L.M.M., 1994]
+contents of this dataset, 132 files
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