DatasetMining Branching LSCs: CrossFTP, Columba traces and results

?titleMining Branching LSCs: CrossFTP, Columba traces and results
?creatorFahland, Dirk
?creatorLo, David
?creatorMaoz, Shahar
?date accepted2013
?date created2012-03-12
?date published2013
Two sets of execution traces from two object-oriented applications: CrossFTP (an FTP client), Columba (an email client). An event in an execution trace denotes one method call from on object in the application (to itself or to another object). Each trace contains events of one execution of the application (from launch to termination).
In addition, the dataset contains results of an experiment for mining linear-time and branching-time scenarios in the form of Live Sequence Charts (LSCs) using different parameters.
An index file describes the data and the experiments.
?publisherTU Eindhoven
?subjectProcess Mining ● Scenarios ● Software Engineering ● Specification Mining ● Traces
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