DatasetThermal energy balance model of a fiber-optic cable; data from a shallow urban pond, Delft

?titleThermal energy balance model of a fiber-optic cable; data from a shallow urban pond, Delft
?creatororcidHilgersom, K.P. (Koen)
?creatororcidBerghuijs, W. R. (Wouter)
?creatororcidSolcerova, A. (Anna)
?creatororcidVan Emmerik, T.H.M. (Tim)
?contributorTU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Dept. of Water Management
?date accepted2015-12-22
?date created2015
?date published2015
Model results for the heating of a fiber-optic cable, to study the heating effect of the PVC tube around which the cable is wrapped to a coil.
Input data:
- incoming short-wave radiation;
- air temperatures (to compute outgoing long-wave radiation and direct heat transfer to the air);
- wind speed (to compute heat transport by the hot wire anemometer principle).
Output data:
- temperatures of the glass fiber inside the cable.
Glass fiber temperatures are modeled for a cable that is adhered to a PVC tube and a cable in free air. The differences between both temperatures are compared to actual measurements of the glass fiber temperatures obtained by fiber-optic Distributed Temperature Sensing.
?publisherTU Delft
?subjectdistributed temperature sensing ● energy balance model ● evaporation ● fiber-optic cable ● fiber-optics ● heat model ● heat transfer ● hydrology ● solar radiation ● temperature
?time coverage11 July 2014 - 24 July 2014
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?related publicationnew windowFiber optic distributed temperature sensing for the determination of air temperature : [article, De Jong, S.A.P.; Slingerland, J.D.; Van de Giesen, N.C., 2015]
?related publicationnew windowPractical considerations for enhanced-resolution coil-wrapped distributed temperature sensing (article, 2016)
contents of this dataset:
Model Code - Matlab files/HEATEQ_SolarRadiationHeating.m
Model Code - Matlab files/HEATEQ_SolarRadiationHeatingPVCcover.m
Model Code - Matlab files/fitOnScreen.m
Model Code - Matlab files/meteoData.m
Model Code - Matlab files/timeRead.m
Model output - NETCDF files/
Model output - NETCDF files/
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235.2 MBOutput complete cable temperatures radiation
Output complete cable temperatures radiation model.nchtml|info|xad|asc|openDAP link|download (235.2 MB)
1.765 MBOutput fiber temperatures radiation
Output fiber temperatures radiation model.nchtml|info|xad|asc|openDAP link|download (1.765 MB)
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