DatasetSpatial distribution of wave overtopping

?titleSpatial distribution of wave overtopping
?creatorKester, D.C.P. van
?contributorSmith, G.
?contributorStive, M.J.F.
?contributorUijttewaal, W.
?contributororcidVerhagen, H.J.
?date accepted2013
?date created2009-12-14
?date published2009
Data of measured overtopping over a coastal structure (sea dike, breakwater) due to waves in a physical model at the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics in Delft. Measured is total overtopping and the spatial distribution of the overtopping.
?publisherTU Delft, section hydraulic engineering
?subjectcoastal structure ● overwash ● wave overtopping
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?related publicationnew windowSpatial distribution of wave overtopping: [masterThesis, Van Kester, D.C.P., 2009]
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