DocumentIDRA Dataset Description Document

?titleIDRA Dataset Description Document
?creatorOtto, T.(Tobias)
?alternative titleIDRA Dataset Description Document (incl. maps of radar ranges)
?date created2010
This document provides information for the 3TU.Datacentre datasets
It also contains a description of the TU Delft IRCTR drizzle radar located on top of the Cabauw tower.
?publisherTU Delft
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?referencesnew windowDesign of a High Resolution X-band Dopler Polarimetric Radar: [dissertation, Figueras i Ventura, J., 2009]
?referencesnew windowTowards a better understanding of the impact of anthropogenic aerosols in the hydrological cycle: IDRA, IRCTR drizzle radar (article, 2008)
?related publicationnew windowHigh-resolution polarimetric X-band weather radar observations at the Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research (article, 2013)
?is documentation ofIDRA atmospheric radar in CESAR observatory, Cabauw
?is documentation ofIDRA weather radar measurements - all data
pdf document (861kB) (application/pdf)
Maps of the radar ranges: near (1.5 km), standard (15 km), far (60 km).