DatasetDeterministic fracture network models from the Potiguar basin, Brazil

?titleDeterministic fracture network models from the Potiguar basin, Brazil
?creatororcidBisdom, K. (Kevin)
?creatororcidBertotti, G. (Giovanni)
?creatororcidBezerra, H. (Hilario)
?creatorVan Eijk, M. (Mariska)
?creatorVan der Voet, E. (Eva)
?creatororcidReijmer, J. (John)
?contributorTU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Geoscience & Engineering, Section of Applied Geology
?date accepted2017-05-19
?date created2013 through 2016
?date published2017
Fracture patterns observed in the Jandaira carbonate formation (Potiguar basin, NE Brazil), digitised using a drone and manual interpretation in DigiFract software. These patterns are translated to a local coordinate system to allow for easier implementation in flow models, and each fracture has its attributes stored, including length, spacing, orientation and aperture calculated using different models.
Data is stored in two formats:
- Shapefiles (open with open-source QGIS, matlab shaperead, and several python modules including basemap).
- Google kml files (open with Google Earth)
?publisherTU Delft
?subjectcarbonates ● fracture networks ● fracture patterns ● fractures ● Jandaira Fm ● Potiguar basin
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?spatial coverage
?map-logomapMap [kml]
?time coverage
?related publicationnew windowAn integrated workflow for stress and flow modelling using outcrop-derived discrete fracture networks; Computers and Geosciences; 2017
?related publicationnew windowOptimisation of decision making under uncertainty throughout field lifetime: A fractured reservoir example; Computers and Geosciences;2016
?related publicationnew windowProjection-based Embedded Discrete Fracture Model (pEDFM) (article, 2017)
?related publicationnew windowThe impact of different aperture distribution models and critical stress criteria on equivalent permeability in fractured rocks; Journal of Geophysical Research; 2016
?related publicationnew windowThe multiscale restriction smoothed basis method for fractured porous media (F-MsRSB); Journal of Computational Physics; 2016
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