DatasetStability of open filter structures

?titleStability of open filter structures
?creatorVan de Sande, S.A.H. (Stefan)
?contributorUijttewaal, W.S.J.
?contributorVan den Bos, J.P.
?contributororcidVerhagen, H.J.
?contributorVerheij, H.J.
?date accepted2013
?date created2012-02
?date published2012
The goal of this research was to verify the formula found by Hoffmans [2012] for structures loaded by currents (flow parallel to the filter construction). As part of the verification of the design formula ten flume experiments were performed in the Environmental Fluid Mechanic Laboratory at Delft University of Technology.
After the execution of the model tests an extensive analysis was made based on the performed model tests and model tests performed in the past (Bakker [1960], Haverhoek [1968], Wouters [1982], Konter et al. [1990], Van Huijstee and Verheij [1991] and Van Velzen [2012]).
?publisherTU Delft
?subjectbed protection ● Hoffmans formula ● open filter ● stability ● verification
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?related publicationnew windowStability of open filter structures: [masterThesis, Van de Sande, S.A.H., 2012]
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