DatasetDelft Windmill Interior and Exterior Laser Scanning Point Clouds - The Raw Data

?titleDelft Windmill Interior and Exterior Laser Scanning Point Clouds - The Raw Data
?creatororcidBeril Sirmacek
?contributorAdriaan van Natijne
?contributorBen Gorte
?contributorJeroen Lichtenauer
?contributorJinhu Wang
?contributorJoppe Roebroeks
?contributorRoderik Lindenbergh
?contributorTU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing
?date accepted2015-10-19
?date created2015
?date published2015
Delftse Molen or Molen de Roos
Windmill laser scanning data,
point clouds are acquired for BSc Thesis of Joppe Roebroeks
The data includes generated mesh models from the point clouds as well.
Merging interior and exterior laser scanning point clouds of the historical windmill, completing the missing parts from airborne laser scanning data and trying different mesh generation methods for full 3D windmill model generation in order to be able to perform virtual visits in the future.
Background: “Molen de Roos” a mill located in Delft, a city in the western part of the Netherlands, is only one of the many old buildings in the Netherlands. More and more these buildings are degrading with respect to integrity, suffering from their age. Therefore it would be desired to look for ways to scan the building in order to find damaged areas. They can then be repaired before the building is being damaged beyond repair (or very expensively) or before even losing the entire building (through collapse). In the BSc thesis there is a focus on documentation of the precise building contour my means of laser scanning and processing the data into a 3D model. Detailed laser scanning makes it possible to map a large part of the surface area of the interior and exterior of mill in order to find flaws, direct damage or propagating damage over time.
This dataset is the raw data, not processed, not reduced in size. It does not contain any correction.
?formatAll data in the directories is archived in the two top level .tar.gz files. The data files are in plain text format.
?publisherDelft University of Technology
?subject3-D modelling ● Geoscience & Remote Sensing ● laser scanning ● point clouds ● urban structures
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?spatial coverage
?map-logomapMap [kml]
?related publicationnew windowAccuracy assessment of building point clouds automatically generated from iphone images (conference paper, 2014)
?related publicationnew windowGenerating a full 3D Model of The Windmill (Molen de Roos): [bachelorThesis, Roebroeks, J., 2015]
?uses softwarenew windowCloudCompare - 3D point cloud and mesh processing software
?uses softwarenew windowFugroViewer, viewer for the .xyz files
?used to calculateDelft Windmill Interior and Exterior Laser Scanning Point Clouds
Data files - 189 files in 29 dirs, total size 81.7 GB (87711362364) - file extensions: .bin .gz .laz .ply .pts .ptx .txt .xyz
mime types: application/x-tar-gz, text/plain
_Meshes.tar.gz18.6 GB19928144024◄Large file. Download may take a long time.
_Scans.tar.gz5.35 GB5742406688◄Large file. Download may take a long time.
Cloudcompare meshes
all floors inside.txt4.18 GB4487105187◄Large file. Download may take a long time.
roof mill+blades.txt372 MB390306648
TOTAL outside scan WITHOUT top.txt1.83 GB1960879156
balcony plus goverment
0.2.bin1.34 GB1435152669
0.2.bin1.34 GB1434511157
0.5.bin1.38 GB1486942049
1.0.bin1.42 GB1519731329
2.0.bin1.44 GB1546377329
delaunay meshing cloudcompare
outside total
outside cut building mesh 0.2m.bin1.11 GB1196822528
outside cut building mesh 0.5m.bin1.15 GB1232609408
outside cut building mesh 1m.bin1.17 GB1254957644
outside cut building mesh 2m.bin1.19 GB1274801732
outside cut building only subsampled 0.05.bin7.13 MB7477154
outside CUT building only.bin545 MB571372635
subsampled outsice cut building mesh 0.2m.bin10.8 MB11336763
subsampled outside cut building only 1.0m.bin13.1 MB13740367
subsampled outside cut building only mesh 0.5m.bin12.2 MB12798463
subsampled outside cut building only mesh 2m.bin13.9 MB14605483
0.2m mesh.bin177 MB186012270
0.5m mesh.bin188 MB196938652
mesh 1m.bin193 MB202389340
mesh 2m.bin198 MB207251476
subsampled 0.2m mesh.bin17.0 MB17848222
subsampled 0.5m mesh.bin19.5 MB20428486
subsampled 1m mesh.bin20.6 MB21651766
subsampled 2m mesh.bin21.8 MB22834606
total inside
1st floor part 1 mesh 0.2m.bin344 MB361141236
1st floor part 1 mesh 0.5.bin393 MB411720708
1st floor part 1 mesh 1m.bin432 MB453257976
1st floor part 1 subsampled mesh 0.2m.bin13.6 MB14302929
1st floor part 1 subsampled mesh 0.5m.bin15.8 MB16551813
1st floor part 1 subsampled mesh 1m.bin17.8 MB18696513
1st floor part 1 subsampled mesh 2m.bin19.8 MB20756313
1st floor part 2 mesh 0.2m.bin407 MB426476943
1st floor part 2 mesh 0.5m.bin426 MB446778735
1st floor part 2 mesh 1m.bin440 MB461005035
1st floor part 2 subsampled mesh 0.2m.bin19.3 MB20243445
1st floor part 2 subsampled mesh 0.5m.bin20.9 MB21868797
1st floor part 2 subsampled mesh 1m.bin21.8 MB22885893
1st floor part 2 subsampled mesh 2m.bin24.8 MB25957797
2dn floor mesh 0.5m.bin567 MB594079494
2nd floor mesh 0.2m.bin531 MB556919658
2nd floor mesh 1m.bin585 MB613579302
2nd floor subsampled mesh 0.2m.bin21.3 MB22356993
2nd floor subsampled mesh 0.5m.bin23.6 MB24706497
2nd floor subsampled mesh 1m.bin24.9 MB26086233
2nd floor subsampled mesh 2m.bin27.2 MB28505337
3rd floor mesh 0.2m.bin608 MB637547556
3rd floor mesh 0.5m.bin633 MB663748464
3rd floor mesh 1m.bin650 MB681442644
3rd floor subsampled mesh 0.2m.bin25.4 MB26685789
3rd floor subsampled mesh 0.5m.bin27.4 MB28743009
3rd floor subsampled mesh 1m.bin28.8 MB30183429
3rd floor subsampled mesh 2m.bin31.7 MB33272901
4th floor mesh 0.2m.bin971 MB1017693705
4th floor mesh 0.5m.bin1014 MB1063212693
4th floor mesh 1m.bin1.02 GB1097975637
4th floor subsampled mesh 0.2m.bin24.0 MB25165421
4th floor subsampled mesh 0.5m.bin26.0 MB27244457
4th floor subsampled mesh 1m.bin27.5 MB28852937
4th floor subsampled mesh 2m.bin29.8 MB31234733
0.2.bin177 MB186014797
0.5.bin188 MB196939153
1.0.bin193 MB202390621
2.0.bin198 MB207250333
0.2m.bin177 MB186012270
0.5m.bin269 MB282297228
1.0 m.bin366 MB384032874
4.0m.bin574 MB601602210
balcony part 1 subsampled 0.015.txt29.0 MB30367072
balcony part 1.txt417 MB437413369
balcony part 2 subsampled 0.015.txt30.9 MB32423580
balcony part 2.txt395 MB414335382
balcony part 3 subsampled 0.015.txt29.5 MB30932428
balcony part 3.txt275 MB288125063
balcony part 4 subsampled 0.015.txt22.2 MB23239869
balcony part 4 subsampled meshed.ply22.7 MB23818903
balcony part 4.txt261 MB273618149
1st floor part 1 subsampled.txt23.2 MB24359775
1st floor part 1.txt549 MB576107552
1st floor part 2 subsampled.txt30.0 MB31508867
1st floor part 2.txt593 MB621674764
2nd floor subsampled 0.01.txt32.3 MB33897748
2nd floor.txt729 MB763967179
3rd floor subsampled 0.01.txt42.7 MB44775104
3rd floor.txt883 MB926349136
4th floor subsampled 0.015.txt42.9 MB44983306
4th floor.txt1.49 GB1596543386
outside below balcony
TOTAL outside scan WITHOUT top subsampled 0.025.txt48.2 MB50576234
roof plus blades
roof mill+blades subsampled 0.015.txt41.8 MB43793158
roof mill+blades subsampled 0.01.txt85.4 MB89569659
Meshlab meshes
balcony part 1 subsampled meshed.ply29.6 MB31022705
balcony part 2 subsampled meshed.ply32.1 MB33679830
balcony part 3 subsampled 0.015 meshed.ply30.1 MB31559565
balcony part 4 subsampled meshed.ply22.7 MB23818903
balcony set 1mil triangles.ply26.9 MB28227727
meshlab balcony poisson surface 12 12.ply24.7 MB25880632
meshlab ball pivoting balcony.bin19.0 MB19964094
meshlab poisson balcony cut.bin12.8 MB13382671
1st floor ball pivoting mesh.bin14.5 MB15175741
1st floor mesh total.bin58.9 MB61796362
1st floor part 1 subsampled meshed ball pivoting.ply21.7 MB22707174
1st floor part 1 CUT mesh 10 10.bin12.0 MB12599947
1st floor part 1 mesh poisson 10 10.ply24.1 MB25286650
1st floor part 2 ball pivoting meshed.bin21.1 MB22115251
1st floor part 2 mesh poisson 10 10.ply43.6 MB45681437
1st floor part 2 mesh poisson.bin28.5 MB29874207
1st floor part 2 subsampled meshed ball pivoting.ply30.6 MB32077365
2nd floor ball pivoting mesh ball pivoting.ply30.7 MB32211069
2nd floor ball pivoting mesh.bin20.7 MB21673677
2nd floor poisson mesh 10 10 CUT.bin23.0 MB24168327
2nd floor poisson mesh 10 10.ply37.6 MB39456529
2nd floor subsampled 0 meshed ball pivoting.ply30.7 MB32211069
2nd floor total mesh merged.bin51.6 MB54131168
3rd floor ball pivoting mesh.bin28.2 MB29579987
3rd floor combined mesh.bin59.6 MB62496352
3rd floor poisson mesh 10-10.bin22.2 MB23271777
3rd floor subsampled 0.01 meshed ball pivoting.ply41.4 MB43423081
4th floor subsampled 0.015 meshed ball pivoting.ply28.1 MB29415375
4th floor subsampled 0.015.txt42.9 MB44983306
4th floor subsampled poisson mesh high quality poisson reconstruction.ply3.11 MB3266165
4th floor subsampled poisson mesh low quality poisson reconstruction.ply726 kB743550
cloudcompare cut 4th floor ball pivoting mesh meshlab.bin16.1 MB16839607
cloudcompare cut 4th floor poisson mesh meshlab.bin1.83 MB1916102
merge 4th floor poisson mesh & ball pivoting mesh.bin19.1 MB20077693
meshlab 3rd floor poisson mesh.ply36.4 MB38136127
remaining outside
ball pivoting mesh outside below balcony.bin32.6 MB34203974
merge poisson&ball pivoting mesh.bin53.0 MB55626581
meshlab outside below balcony poisson mesh 10 10.ply25.7 MB26970352
poisson mesh outside below balcony 10 10.bin12.2 MB12749449
TOTAL outside scan WITHOUT top subsampled 0.025 meshed.ply47.2 MB49527974
cloudcompare cut poisson mesh from meshlab(roof+blades).bin874 kB894627
merge poisson cut from meshlab+ball pivoting (ROOF+BLADES).bin25.1 MB26296473
roof mill+blades subsampled meshed.ply28.9 MB30261582
roof+blades ball pivoting mesh.ply28.9 MB30261582
roof+blades poisson mesh 800k.ply23.6 MB24720856
all clouds merged+government scans.bin202 MB212096903
all clouds merged+government scans.pts620 MB650446503
all clouds merged+government scans.ptx.txt620 MB650446503
all clouds merged.bin197 MB206457988
all clouds merged.txt197 MB206456443
ground data.laz122 kB124526
merged areal data.txt12.0 MB12532691
non ground data.laz340 kB348164
Raw data
AllScans.ptx1.14 GB1223929353
output.xyz474 MB496540821
Scan01.xyz34.0 MB35612540
Scan02.xyz46.2 MB48428958
Scan03.xyz6.75 MB7074814
Scan04.xyz5.52 MB5791632
Scan05.xyz87.6 MB91844581
scan_1.ptx167 MB175251590
scan_10.ptx539 MB564895058
scan_11.ptx670 MB702524060
scan_12.ptx660 MB692109637
scan_13.ptx27.2 MB28482252
scan_14.ptx528 MB554003527
scan_15.ptx3.36 GB3603600000
scan_16.ptx660 MB691766794
scan_17.ptx637 MB667459141
scan_18.ptx687 MB719920209
scan_19.ptx6.74 MB7069337
scan_2.ptx656 MB688199207
scan_20.ptx669 MB701683982
scan_21.ptx6.88 MB7216681
scan_22.ptx6.98 MB7317788
scan_23.ptx609 kB623260
scan_24.ptx585 kB599371
scan_25.ptx565 kB578868
scan_26.ptx685 MB718662428
scan_27.ptx119 MB124670886
scan_28.ptx274 MB287193221
scan_29.ptx467 MB489640367
scan_3.ptx652 MB683929347
scan_30.ptx437 MB458429158
scan_31.ptx468 MB490502999
scan_32.ptx468 MB490266701
scan_33.ptx454 MB476557048
scan_34.ptx471 MB493658797
scan_35.ptx155 MB162423873
scan_36.ptx537 MB563098785
scan_4.ptx151 MB158522817
scan_5.ptx4.01 MB4203585
scan_6.ptx39.0 MB40923181
scan_7.ptx664 MB695869559
scan_8.ptx667 MB699854455
scan_9.ptx667 MB699923881
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