DatasetCHASE-PL - Future Hydrology (CPL-FH)

?titleCHASE-PL - Future Hydrology (CPL-FH)
?titleProjections of water balance and streamflow for the Vistula and Odra basins
?creatororcidPiniewski, M. (Mikołaj)
?creatorSzcześniak, M. (Mateusz)
?creatororcidKardel, I. (Ignacy)
?contributorBerezowski, T. (Tomasz)
?contributororcidKundzewicz, Z.W. (Zbigniew)
?contributorMarcinkowski, P. (Paweł)
?contributororcidMezghani, A. (Abdelkader)
?contributorOkruszko, T. (Tomasz)
?date accepted2017-04-18
?date created2015 through 2017
?date published2017
This data set is comprised of future projections of hydrological variables obtained with the help of the SWAT model driven with an ensemble of nine bias-corrected EURO-CORDEX climate simulations for the Vistula and Odra basins. Projected data are available for two future horizons (2024-2050 and 2074-2100) under two Representative Concentrations Pathways: RCP 4.5 and 8.5, as well as for the reference period 1974-2000. The data set consists of three parts: (1) model inputs; (2) raw model outputs; (3) aggregated model outputs. The first one allows the users to reproduce the outputs or to create the new ones. The second one contains the simulated time series of 10 variables simulated by SWAT: precipitation, snow melt, potential evapotranspiration, actual evapotranspiration, soil water content, percolation, surface runoff, baseflow, water yield and streamflow. The first nine variables are stored in monthly time step, and the latter in the daily time step. The third part consists of the multi-model ensemble statistics of the relative changes in mean seasonal and annual variables developed in a GIS format.
?publisherWarsaw University of Life Sciences WULS-SGGW
?subjectclimate change ● future projections ● hydrology ● river flow ● water balance
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?extent358200 km2
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